Acquacenter Malè

A pool for children 
with a depth of 30 cm 
and a temperature of 31.5°. 
To the delight of childrenis equipped with splashesand water games
A second pool with 
constant high and temperature.
1.30 m and 31°, with benchdeck and tub, water jets, cervical fallsand swimming against, 
ideal for family
A semi Olympic pool 
with 6 lanes of 25 x 125m, arranged for the free swimmingand specialization courses,
ideal for group 
workouts or teams
Umberto Citroni Coordinator Acquacenter
Lifeguard - Coach 1°liv. - Coordinator Swimming School
Gianluca Bovino
Lifeguard - Instructor base
Idlir Shehu
Lifeguard - Instructor base - Assigned at plants
Elisa Brusegan
Secretary - Cash
Giulia Bresadola
Cleaning Lady Acquacenter
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